The background receiving terminal for the 3G/4G/5G transmission system is the UV2000 series receiver server. For storage or living stream output, it receives data from multiple head-end transmitters. It can also decode output from an SDI terminal. The UV2000 series also includes tools for head-end transmitter screen preview, status tracking, and remote control, among other features.

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UV2000 series implementation flexibility can be realized by hot standby of network communication service, media management, and distribution service division deployment, which can meet the stringent device reliability and performance criteria in large-scale terminal access scenarios. Simultaneously, by supporting multiple ISP access, it enables separate network links of the same terminal to access servers through different operators’ networks, thus providing network connection backup and load balancing mechanisms


Remote Terminal Management

  • Provides a user-friendly Windows app for managing the system, applications, and files.
  • Convenient control terminal toggles between live broadcast, high quality delay broadcast, file transmission, and other working modes, as well as providing default parameters for broadcast quality, delay control, and so on.



  • Provide a security mechanism for authorized terminal access, and only authorized legitimate terminals can access the server, delay control, and so on.
  • Provide a live preview and live status tracking mechanism that can track the terminal’s live video and transmission status in real time.
  • Provide a high-quality delay broadcast control feature that allows you to control the terminal to record while it is transmitting.



Communication Support and Management

  • Provide an online management function for the terminal’s various mobile communication network cards, as well as real-time link quality and flow curve real-time monitoring.
  • Different dialing and status management mechanisms can be provided based on the operator network and sim model, delay control, and so on.
  • It supports two-way VoIP calls, and multiple central terminal commanders can keep two-way voice interaction with all online terminals going.



Product and Document  Management

  • The program file quality can be managed by combining the encoding scheme and working mode selection to achieve the best program quality for the terminal in various scenarios.
  • It supports the decoding and output of a specified live stream, with optional output channels.
  • It supports live streaming online distribution and can deliver streaming real-time programs via UDP-TS, RTMP, HLS, and other streaming media protocols.
  • The program files that are stored in the server can be checked, inquired about, and downloaded. In the meantime, program files can be decoded and output on the specified signal output channels.


Network Deployment Optimization

  • It supports multi-ISP access and allows you to configure different communication links in the terminal aggregation link to access the server via different operator networks, while also providing a reliable link backup and responsible balance mechanism.
  • To meet the large-scale flexible deployment requirements of large-scale systems, it supports the distributed deployment of terminal access service dual machine hot standby and decoding output service.
  • The terminal can be cloud-deployed to provide a more flexible combination of service delivery and service delivery.




The UV2000 server series is divided into 4 models with each being different to number of channels and output features.

Item UV2000 UV2001 UV2004 UV2101 UV2102


Stream forwarding server Stream forwarding and 1 channel 3G-SDI out Stream forwarding and 4 channel 3G-SDI out Stream forwarding and 1 channel 4K 12G-SDI out Stream forwarding and 2 channels 4k 12G-SDI out
CPU Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 4 Core 3.5GHz
RAM ECC DDR4/2400MHz 4G ECC DDR4/2400MHz 4G*2
Ethernet port 4*1GE
Hard disk SATA 2TB 7200RPS Enterprise level 3.5 inch
Display VGA


Front: 2*USB3.0 ;   Back panel: 2*USB3.0 1*RS232
Max. number of concurrent 32 64
Output 1*3G SDI


4*3G SDI 1*12G SDI


2*12G SDI
Maximum number of distribution streams 320 640
Max. data 1G bps
Video code HEVC(H.265)/AVC(H.264)

SDI output


NTSC/PAL, 720P25/30/50, 1080P25/30/50/60 NTSC/PAL, 720p50/60, 1080p25/30/50/60/25, 1080i50/60, 2160P60/50/30/25
Deployment mode Centralized deployment Centralized deployment, scalable distributed deployment
Management Windows App
Network Multiple ISP network connect, Up to 4
Power 110V-220V AC, Redundant power supply optional
Size 433mm (W) ×450mm(L)× 43.5mm(H)






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