DEVICEWELL 10-CH switcher HDS6110 integrates multiple control modes. The keyboard can be used to set special effects and transition modes. The knob can control the LCD display. The LCD will display various states of the current device in real time. The built-in menu display function allows the device to be set up more intuitively and efficiently, and the camera joystick can control the distance between the camera and the camera

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DEVICEWELL 10-CH switcher HDS6110 is an 8-CH SDI, 2-CH HDMI and 2-CH USB playback input video signal, 4-CH SDI output, 2-CH HDMI output and multi-picture output broadcast-level video signal. The 10-CH switcher HDS6110 is suitable for live performance, course recording and in-shed navigation. The switcher has multiple functions such as multiple format video input and input resolution adaptive, analog and balanced audio input and output, external video and picture import, audio embedding/de-embedding, mixing, TALLY, SD card recording, RS422 and RJ45 control, etc., with remote upgrade capability. The user can perform video switching and audio mixing with additional effects through easy operation.


  • All-In-One design all-aluminum body, high strength, anti-interference
  • Mechanically illuminated button, good feel and long service life
  • Integrated independent LCD menu for quick and easy system setup
  • Input: 8*SDI, 2*HDMI, 2*USB total 12 channels
  • Output: PGM output 4-CH SDI, 2-CH HDMI
  • Multi-view output 2-CH SDI, 1-CH HDMI
  • Supports Luma Key/Chroma Key/Pattern key; 1 set of DSK, supports overlay icon.
  • Supports MIX/FADE/WIPE switching effects; support CUT hard cut, AUTO automatic switching and FTB emergency switching; switching rate can be set.
  • Supports SD card recording PGM, recording resolution 1920*1080P60
  • Color bars can be produced inside the device
  • Supports SD/HD/3G signal format
  • PIP function is supported, the size and position of the sub-window can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the thickness and color of the border can be set.
  • Supports RS422 interface, support UMD protocol.
  • Supports PC software remote control and upgrade
  • Supports camera control, up to 8 cameras can be controlled
  • 1 channel XLR balanced audio input; 1 channel XLR balanced audio output; support SDI audio de-embedding
  • External audio and SDI/HDMI de-embedded audio can be assigned to the output

HDS6110 Support multiview

When the HDS6110 is used to create live program, you can divide the multi screen output
and display up to 8 videos signals on one HDMI TV! As a result, you can view the various screens.
Tally prompts, graphics, previews and final program output on the same monitor




Multiple Interfaces


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