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Esteem Media Pro

Our Services

• General Media Consulting
• Media Gadgets Sales and Installation
• Sales of Musical Instrument
• Servicing of general gadgets
• Installation and configuration of Easy Worship

Our Focus

We are daily driven by the zest to:
• Be the most consistent and leading media company globally
• Ensure quality media gadgets are encouraged
• Carry all profit and non-profit organisations along with the trending media gadgets
• Increase our client-base
•Broaden the foresight of all organisational body on the use of these twenty-first century media gadgets

Our Values

At Esteem Media Pro, our core values are:
• Diligence
• Prompt Delivery
• Foresighted
• Initiative
• Dynamism
• Trust-worthy
• Dependability

How We Operate

We treat all of our business transactions very seriously, confidentially and smart to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers.

Esteem Media Pro

Our story

Esteem Media Pro, established in the year of 2000, has been a leading supplier of multimedia and video solutions to PC OEM/ODMs. The company offers complete advanced solutions for multimedia, church equipment sales, supply and installation including video products and hardware, software and fast time-market in the large and fast growing PC multimedia markets. We also offer integration and customization services to address customers’ particular requirements.

Starting from 2000, Esteem Media has focused on PC video, network video and mobile DVR products with advanced MPEG-4/2/1 technologies. Esteem Media has many years of excellent experiences in supply, installation and maintenance of high-quality PVR, TV tuner card, MPEG-1/2/4 encoder, DVB-C Card, VBI/Teletext and on-going development efforts . We have strong hardware, firmware, and software R&D experiences. Esteem Media is seriously focusing on OEM/ODM customers worldwide. We keep presenting the latest technology and full range solutions to our customers.

Esteem Media Today
Esteem Media is now a leading supplier of HD Portable DVR and camera solutions with innovative and technically advanced products. We provide total video solutions of HD video recording, HD SDI cameras, micro portable DVR, HD video encoder, HD video surveillance, variety of church equipment  and OEM/ODMs. Current range of products include Medical Video Recorder, HD SDI Bullet Camera, HD Bullet DVR, HD Micro DVR, HD Video Encoder, Micro MPEG2 DVR, 4CH Micro MPEG2 DVR, LANC, Keyboards, Drums, String instruments,  etc. with additional features of Video Lap Timer, GPS, G-Force data logger and other options.


Esteem Media Pro has since its inception gained strength from consistency

Customer Service

Esteem Media Pro has also gained strength from our customer care service


We have traded far and wide and due to our mode of maintaining the truthfulness in our business dealings, Esteem Media Pro has also earned strength from this end


We have ensured to keep tabs with our customers all over the world, and timely, too hence our strength from our feedback procedure


The training of media installations and configuration of our different gadgets is top notch.


It is very important to have us consult in any area that will deem fit as media gadgets are concerned.  We are always there to help out.